Let’s Conquer Clutter.

As moms we all know the key to keeping everything in our, and our kids life in line is organization. Now that the holidays are officially over it is time to kick getting organized into gear. There is a great article at parents.com with great advice on how to organize every room in your house. Check out the article at parents.com on the home page.


Breastfeeding=Working Out.

Mila Kunis is another mommy swearing by breastfeeding.  The Actress recently stated on The Late, Late Show that breastfeeding has been her work out. Check out the video at people.com under the BABIES tab.

Mila Kunis Breastfeeding

Food Allergies

There is a great video on food allergies and keeping medicine in schools on Parents.com. This video is great to check out even if your child does not have food allergies it’s a great message to pass along. The video can be found at Parents.com under the health tab.

Two Times is Just as Tough.

Alyssa Milano March of Dimes

Alyssa Milano was recently interviewed at People.com and gave a little insight on what it’s like being a mother of two even when you have help. Check out the interview at People.com under the babies section.


Mommy District Tip*

Did you know that teaching children to sing the happy birthday song while washing their hands gives them the perfect amount of time to kill those germs? Research shows that in the amount of time it takes to sing the happy birthday song twice beginning to end and the right amount of lather is the perfect combination to kill germs especially while in school after they use the rest room.


Let’s help to stop germs in their track. With school in session and the weather continuing to be just as out of control as it wants to be one thing is clear, it’s only going to get crazier from here. Here is a list of foods to assist with avoiding, stopping, and helping medicate the little ones during this cold/flu season.

  1. Citrus fruits, this is an oldie but goodie, oranges and even grape fruits are great with helping to prevent/sooth colds due to all the vitamins it’s packed with.
  2. Yogurt, the good bacteria and essential microorganisms found in yogurt are very beneficial in preventing stomach ailments.
  3. Milk, yes there has been a lot of controversy circling this old favorite but the truth is it’s great during the winter months for kids because of all the vitamin D that it is packed with.
  4. Mushrooms, filled with immune boosting antioxidants, just add a little to dinner, throw a few in with whatever is on the menu for protein the kids will never know the difference.
  5. Skinless Turkey, turkey with the skin removed is a very high source of protein and protein builds antibodies to protect our immune systems.
  6. Blueberries, a super food filled with antioxidants, blueberries are a great snack that helps stop a cold in it’s tracks.
  7. Dark Chocolate, consists of polyphenols and zinc which are antioxidants so break off a few pieces of Hershey’s dark chocolate for desert.

Why won’t my baby take my breast?

If you have made the choice to breastfeed even before baby arrives things can get very sticky when baby does not take your breast. There are several reasons for this and if you are having any of these issues please seek out other alternatives.
1. Positioning.

When breastfeeding it is very important to make sure you and baby are comfortable. There are several positions to put yourself in as well as baby in, here is list; try them and see what works best for you:
• Reclining Position
• The Clutch Hold
• The Cross-Over Hold
• The Cradle Hold

2. What’s in your diet?

Remember whatever it is that you are taking in; you are giving to the baby. Make sure you are keeping with a well balanced diet. There are some fish or even vegetables that you should stir clear of like broccoli. Broccoli tends to make us as adults very gassy and it does the same to babies taking less mercy on their sensitive stomachs.

3. Check your surroundings.

Baby will not be comfortable if you are not comfortable. You’re being anxious or frustrated may put a stop to baby wanting to eat because they sense your aggravation.

4. Pump only.

Some tots can’t get the hang of the human nipple and are only comfortable receiving from the bottle. That’s okay you’re still nursing your baby, it’s just the pump is the route to go for when it’s time to feed.

Let’s Talk Bottoms!!!

Which are best disposable diapers or cloth diapers? The truth is cloth diapers are actually making a cute comeback. I know when you think of cloth diapers you think “old school” and “no one does that anymore” and maybe even “yuck that’s not sanitary.” Well today some moms are taking notice to how cost efficient using cloth diapers can be. A lot has changed with how the diapers are maintained today. Here are few facts about cloth diapers that may change your mind or at least have you considering using cloth diapers those days you’re relaxing at home.

1. No more soaking pooped filled linen or cotton. Now cloth diapers are made so that when they are filled with fecal matter you can simply empty the waste into the toilet and toss the diaper in a lined waste basket until laundry day. Different companies have their own washing procedures but the primary directions are the same, which is dump waste, wash, and reuse.

2. Gentler on skin. Cloth diapers are made of cotton which is gentler on skin because baby’s sensitive skin is able to breathe while being wrapped up all day.

3. You will spend way less in purchasing cloth diapers. In one year you can spend up to $265 a year with cloth diapers oppose to $530 a year in disposables. You spend less because you are laundering the cloth diapers instead of constantly replacing disposable.

4. You help with our world’s toxic dump problem. We all need to do our part and you and your little one will be doing just that when using cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are transferred to a biodegradable plant that holds fecal matter for up to 500 years. Now that’s something to yuck about.

Whichever you decide remember to treat the earth right it does say on every diaper box, disposable and cloth to dump all waste matter into a toilet before you dispose of the actual diaper. Mommy District is not biased to either choice; this post is just to expose moms to another choice of taking care of you and baby.

Halloween Safety Tips


Let’s keep Halloween safe and fun! So many incidents happen every year on this day. As moms we need to go the extra mile to do our part to keep our children as safe as possible. If we follow these simple tips we can help with keeping all children safe while having fun on special days like Halloween.

1. Go trick or treating in groups. Get together with other moms, adults, or mature teens who want to help supervise. Have a ratio of around 4 kids to 1 chaperon; using the buddy system is great for days like this.
2. When trick or treating at night bring a flash light. A lot of our smart phones now have flash lights on them, use them! Or you can just bring a small one from home; this also makes it fun for the kids.
3. Plan out your route. If you know exactly where you’re going ahead of time this causes less confusion among the group and gets everyone home at a good hour as well.
4. Only visit homes with porch lights. Groups are great but lights prevent anyone from being left behind because everyone is seen under the light.
5. Be sure to check ALL candy before it is consumed. This is the most important tip! Trick or treating is fun but we need keep it safe after all the trick or treating is said and done!

Philips Sonicare for Kids

It’s very challenging to get kids to brush. Moms have to find a way to make it fun. With the right toys and stickers and a little music, brushing becomes an exciting part of the day.  Kids hate  things like washing hands, taking a bath, and brushing teeth. I like to think charts and stickers for potty training and a little music with a cool toothbrush for brushing. We have to go for FUN image can actually be exciting and bring a smile . Kids love feeling like grown ups  and parents can feel cool about letting buddies  brush on their own . I found the Philips Sonic care for kids this is the perfect brush. 



  • Sonicare’s Patent Technology – Gently delivers 500 brush strokes per second to remove up to 75% more plaque (vs. manual toothbrushes in hard to reach areas)
  • KidTimer – Gradually increases to 2 minutes to train your child to brush to the dentist recommended time
  • KidPacer – Fun sounds encourage kids to brush the front and back part of their upper and lower teeth
  • 2 Power Modes – High and low modes for gentle, yet effective cleaning
  • Stabilized Hand Piece – Helps applying toothpaste while the toothbrush lies flat on the counter
  • 8 Fun Interchangeable Stickers – Boys and girls can customize their toothbrush to fit their unique personalities
  • Ultra-Soft Brush Heads – Designed to gently clean and protect teeth as they grow
  • Easy Grip Handle – Ergonomically designed to enable parents and kids to brush together or on their own