Mom Gives Birth in the Red Sea

Home birth

Let us celebrate this cool mom. Kids come into the world in many different ways, for several years we have been conditioned to thinking the hospital is the best way. Lately I have seen a spike in home birth but this one takes the throne.

This mom is a next level water birth, she gives birth in the Red Sea with her husband and doctor.

We later baby gets to meet his baby brother as they all calmly make it shore.

According to Fox News, El Said’s uncle, Mohamed El Said, was actually the doctor helping the couple give birth, and he specializes in helping with water births. She also explained that the pregnant woman and her partner, whose names have not been released to the media, were Russian tourists who came to Dahab, Egypt, specifically to give birth in the Red Sea.

Home birth

We see a rise in home births. What an amazing experience. We make people!

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