How to get my kids into modeling?

I don’t know one parent that does not think their own kids are the most adorable, beautiful specimens to walk the earth. We are all so subjective and blinded by our love for them.
Well some (pushy, type A) mother’s like myself didn’t just say ‘thank you’ when the compliments came. I wanted my kids to do child modeling and make money, not just because they are super frigging cute, but because both my husband and I did it as kids and it was a great kick start to college.
Factors to consider, is my kid Cute enough? come second to, is my kid confident enough to enter a room with total strangers and show a fun-loving personality and be judged within 1 minute of entering room?
I would not recommend putting a shy child in this industry, its not only competitive, but they are expected to work in all conditions and there is

lots of waiting around. If you have a needy clingy baby, then they will not be able to sit on a mat and perform well with strangers waving toys and making animal noises at them for hours. On the other hand, if you have an independent child who you believe has patience and confidence then the following tips will be helpful for you.
Before you start you will need to check what your state laws are for child performers. In New York children under 18 are protected by department of labor and require a child performer permit.
Make my child a model tips:
• Invest in a professional photo shoot- this is not crucial when submitting to agencies, but it is a recommendation as agencies need clear close up headshots
• Consider getting a comp card created, this would need updating regularly with measurements and new pictures
• Research the agencies and management company’s websites before submitting pictures, there are some crooks out there.
• Never pay to submit pictures, agents/managers take a percentage of any work they obtain
• Keep permits and measurements updated with agent or manager
• Be ready and available for extreme short notice in attending castings and auditions. Most are in the city and will have a set time that is non-negotiable
• Do not bring the whole family to the audition, the rooms are crowded with models and parents are not allowed in to the audition on most occasions
• Ask your child if they really want to go to the audition or job, this should be fun for them
• Be prepared for rejection
• Do not call them they will call you, be patient
• Make sure you know what your child will be advertising? (H&M coolest monkey in the jungle campaign)

I have included a few reputable agents for you to research:

Wilhelmina Models
Ford Models
Generation Model Mgmt
Abrams Artist Agency
Zuri Agency
CP Talent

With your photos, always include the following:
• Childs name
• Date of Birth
• Clothing/Shoe sizes, height & weight
• Contact name of parent
• Email address of parent

Hopefully you will start seeing your little cherub on billboards and in magazines

-Karlene Mcleod

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