5 Items Moms NEED in the Car

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5 most important things needed in her car
Seeing as though THIS mamá uses more than 6 brushes and 8 products to get a decent makeup job done, I
had to think of a way to get it all into a list of 5 things without missing something

So here’s my list of “5 things” you must have with you in your car:

Of course motherhood doesn’t ever come without messes, so to avoid a pit stop
at the closest rest stop, make sure you have paper towels, wipes, tissues, barf
bags, and plastic bags.
2. Time for a Wardrobe Change
Along with cleanups and spills comes the need for a change of wardrobe. Pack a
change of clothes, socks, and shoes. But also remember possible last minute
activities that need specific clothes such as swim suits and PJs.
3. Let Me Entertain You
The last thing any mom in stand still, bumper to bumper traffic or long trips wants
to hear are the dreaded phrases “are we there yet?”, “I’m bored” and “Mom.
Mommy. Maaaaaaaaa.” So make sure you have books, toys, movies, music and
(for the daring, caring mommas out there) good conversation.
4. Yummy Yummy Food in My Tummy
It should come as no surprise to any mommy that as much comes out of these
kiddos, it seems as though there is never an end to what’s going in. So to avoid
the “hangry kid” tantrums, make sure you pack some easy snacks in baggies,
water, juice, cereal or granola bars, and fruit snacks.
5. Someone Please Call 911
No one ever likes to think about it but Emergencies and accidents are a reality in
our society and almost always unexpected. Make sure to always carry your
insurance and registration cards, jumper cables, first aid kit, blankets and
medicines that may be needed. I would also like to add an extra to this one just
because we never realize that although technology is amazing it can indeed fail
us, so make sure you have a written list of phone numbers you may need in case
of emergency.

Hopefully these all helped you amazing mommies out there to think about packing
necessities for your future trips, long or short. Like my hubby says, it’s better to have
and not need than to need and not have.

– Lucy Monterrosa

Here is a cute video from WHatsupmoms that might be helpful:

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