What’s Your Plans For The Summer?

Okay, it’s that time of year again. The weather has just about broken; the kids are asking if they can wear lighter jackets to school as well as lighter outfits, the sun is actually out and sticking around. What does that mean?

It means this is the perfect time to put together those awesome activities that will make our children amazing people. If you’re the working mom like the best of us; we all know just because the kids get that long gracious summer break we as parents DON’T! Therefore we need to make sure our children’s summers are educational, safe, and fun while we’re still at work. Of course there may be summer vacations planned but is vacationing June through August realistic? That brings us to the other most wonderful time of the year, which is getting it together for our young ones during the summer!!!

The absolute most important goal for the summer must be to keep those kid’s minds stimulated. While a break is great in every aspect of the word, we don’t want to slow down the minds of our children. We want to increase the strength in their minds so they can hit the next school year with more of an academic punch than they did last year. We compiled a list of suggestions for what to do for your children to benefit them over the summer and continue working towards the ultimate goal of a successful human being. Take a look below.


  1. Summer Camp

While hot dogs and the lake are fun that’s not all the summer camp should offer. Look for a place with recreation that’s going to again, stimulate your child’s mind. There are themed summer camps that offer more than mediocre food and a dvd to keep your child busy. Perhaps your child has a very special talent and the two of you are on the same page about blossoming that talent, I guarantee there are summer camps/summer programs geared towards the talent to assist with it flourishing. Here are a few examples below, just to get you started in the direction but research your area.

  • Sports Camps
  • Dance/Theater camps
  • Music summer camps
  1. There are children, who take their education very serious which brings in educational camps that are generally provided by establishments such as college campuses. This is clearly a perfect match in preparation for their future if college is of interest. There’s a list below of schools that offer these programs in the NY/NJ area: (research your area)
  • Rutgers
  • Elizabeth College
  • NYU


  1. Last but certainly not least, one of the best places to send your child during the summer is your local YMCA. The YMCA or The Y, is a great example of the type of establishment that is well rounded in offering your child an array of activities to keep them occupied while stimulating their minds. What’s also great about a program like The Y, is it offers awesome activities while kid’s are young but when they reach a certain age some are provided with the opportunity of their first summer jobs. Being a camp counselor, or whatever unique title the position is given, opens a whole new door of teaching responsibility and just becoming a rounded person which of course leads to a successful human being with is what? The ultimate goal.

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