Melissa McCarthy ::: SPY

Melissa McCarthy is so adorable and funny with all that she does, but her next movie is especially great. Mommy District went to movie screening hosted by @50cent in the AMC in times square an we couldnt stop laughing. 50 cent has small role in the film and was kind enough to host a screening. Let’s just say the kids have to stay home for this one. The Spy, pairs with director Paul Feig, the two are fantastic duo here, she takes on the character of Susan. Susan is witty and cool CIA agent who volunteers to get out from behind her desk and take on a dangerous mission.

Jude Law and Jason Statham play James Bond-type agents, Allison Janney is their team’s director, and Rose Byrne is a sexy villains.

The movie opens on May 22, and you should definitely take a peek at the new trailer below.



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