Pregnant Mom Fired after Robbed at Gunpoint takes her Job back


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Pregnant woman, Marissa Holcomb, fired from her manager position at Popeyes in Channelview, Texas after she refused to pay back money that had been stolen in a robbery on March 31, 2015

A pregnant woman fired for refusing to reimburse nearly $400 in cash stolen by an armed robber at a Texas Popeyes joint in Texas can have her job back, local reports said.

Shortly after Marissa Holcomb went public with what she believed was a wrongful termination, the owner of the Channelview franchise called and said sorry.

“He just apologized and pretty much offered me if I wanted to go back to his business and work there again,”

he Georgia-based Popeyes chain does not operate the indepently-run Channelview locale, but the company’s CEO, Cheryl Bachelder, offered her own apologies to Holcomb in a statement released on Wednesday.

“We have spoken to the local franchise owner of the restaurant, and he has taken immediate action to reach out to the employee to apologize and rectify the situation. While the facts are

gathered, we will closely monitor this until it is appropriately resolved. We deeply regret the distress this situation has caused,” Bachelder wrote.

“Everybody loves Raymond” child star dies from Apparent Suicide

The Everybody Loves Raymond actor, who played Geoffrey Barone on the show, killed himself while visiting family in Texas.

Madylin Sweeten sister said, “This morning a terrible family tragedy occurred. We are devastated to report that our beloved brother, son, and friend took his own life.”

Madylin posted on Facebook on Thursday afternoon … “At this time I would like to encourage everyone to reach out to the ones you love. Let them have no doubt of what they mean to you.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at

1 (800) 273-8255.

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Cooking with Kids

Our home is a great place to launch a child’s cooking education, but when it’s obviously more than a passing fascination, maybe it’s time to investigate a more formal cooking education for your child.  Its never too early to get them started at one of a myriad of kids cooking programs across the country.

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Former Food Network chef, George Stella, lost over 250 pounds through healthy eating, and now serves as the programs national spokesman.  His Kids In The Kitchen message of healthy lifestyle choices is widely distributed throughout the media, especially during the month of March, which is National Nutrition Month.

New Jersey

Love Your Fruits And Vegetables
This program focuses on healthy alternatives and the importance of fruits and vegetables.
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Young Chefs Academy
This school offers a structured program promoting learning and creativity. (see above)




This hands-on, supervised program teaches children to make multiple course meals and conveys food appreciation. Nutrition and the importance of fruits and vegetables are stressed alongside proper technique.



Les Petites Gourmettes
This school offers four-day cooking classes for students aged 8-12.  The program runs for five weeks in the summer and relies on cooking demonstrations to teach kids kitchen basics.  There are lots of opportunities for tasting the kids’ culinary output when adults are invited to join the feast at the end of class.  Older teens can take the 5-day course offering for 11-17 year olds.  Making soups, pasta, cupcakes and all manners of kitchen creation is addressed in a way that is easily understood by the younger set.

Young Chefs Academy
This program encourages discovery and creativity (see more, above).


Stir Crazy Kidz
The classes at the school are offered for students aged 5-14 in the regular program and ages 17-21 in their “BigKidz” college crash course curriculum.  Culinary preparation comes to your home or their kitchen for group or private lessons.  Safety, process and nutrition are key components of the classes for children, while college survival skills are laid out for newbies in the adult track.

Young Chefs Academy
This program offers classes for children in a safe and structured environment. (see above)


This program is for students aged 4-11. Also offered at this school are weeklong classes during summer and holiday breaks.

Young Chefs Academy
This school has several locations across America. The program is geared towards creativity and expression. (see above)


Kids Can Cook
This school offers an afterschool cooking program for middle school aged children.

The program offered at this school focuses on fun and excitement in the kitchen, and promotes the creation of great food.


Way-Cool Cooking School
This program imparts valuable life long skills for kids and teens, and encourages fun in the kitchen during weekly classes and summer ‘camps’.   The staff also specializes in hosting private events and celebrations.  A new branch is on the way for 2012.

Young Chefs Academy
This program is offered by a nationally known school which focuses on discovery and learning in a safe environment. (see above)


This hands-on, supervised program teaches children to make multiple course meals and conveys food appreciation. Nutrition and the importance of fruits and vegetables are stressed alongside proper technique.

North Carolina

Classy Kids Cook
The program offered at this school combines important life skills classes with etiquette and culinary arts.

Lil’ Chef
This structured culinary experience is combined with plenty of fun. Camps, parties and classes utilize creative themes to keep students focused on food.  Harry Potter and Star Wars themed night are appealing to wide age-ranges and levels of culinary interest.  Cakes, eggs and other familiar foods are tasted after class to help kids build their young palates.


Love Your Fruits And Vegetables
This program offers “green” cooking classes for children and encourages healthy cooking and eating habits.


Le Petite Gourmet Cooking Store
A cooking shop that instructs kids during the summertime for only $10 per session.

Kids Cooking Company
This program encourages creativity and curiousity in an exciting hand-on environment.

Young Chefs Academy
Great national program that has a standardized approach to passing fundamental cooking skills on to the next generation of great cooks. (see above)

Did you know March National Nutrition Month. oppps if you just missed it. Tune in Next month Mommy District is Hosting COOKING Class for the entire Family.

Melissa McCarthy ::: SPY

Melissa McCarthy is so adorable and funny with all that she does, but her next movie is especially great. Mommy District went to movie screening hosted by @50cent in the AMC in times square an we couldnt stop laughing. 50 cent has small role in the film and was kind enough to host a screening. Let’s just say the kids have to stay home for this one. The Spy, pairs with director Paul Feig, the two are fantastic duo here, she takes on the character of Susan. Susan is witty and cool CIA agent who volunteers to get out from behind her desk and take on a dangerous mission.

Jude Law and Jason Statham play James Bond-type agents, Allison Janney is their team’s director, and Rose Byrne is a sexy villains.

The movie opens on May 22, and you should definitely take a peek at the new trailer below.