Is Disney Bad for Children ?

A forum on posted interesting forum for Parents. There are so many underlaying  topics in these stories but do kids pick up these “lessons” ? Here is what some parents had to say on

Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 12.49.52 PMIt’s complicated and simple

Effectively: stereotypes are generalizations and generalizations is the high school equivalent of a cardiologist. The latter you get around age 17 after finishing high school and the latter at 27 after specialization and med school. If I ever have a heart condition I will see my cardiologist, not my high school friend.

In the end, however, the person/parents decides what to watch, because Disney exists to make money not to raise your kids. So since Disney is no place to raise your kids, take more walks and enjoy your neighbors, etc. Disney is not good, and it’s bad, but it’s not the company’s responsibility to be GOOD/MORAL. It’s like alcohol, too much is bad, just the right amount takes you away from all the crap of human society.

It Always Comes To Parenting

No, Disney is not bad for children, and there are plenty of other entertainments that would be more questionable. Disney’s content can be rather tame, and it has been that way for decades now. Still, the choice of what is or isn’t bad for children should always rest with the children’s parents.

Irresponsible and childish parents are bad for children. Not Disney.

It’s up to the parents to parent their children. Disney is just harmless entertainment. Your children watch you a lot closer than they do Disney shows. They look up to you not the cartoon characters. So if your children are misbehaving then maybe you should be a better role model.

Disney teaches “Girls are fragile, they need men!”

In every movie, the princess gets rescued by a man. In the disney world, No One is ever gay, women always need some sort of a man to come and save them. It gives girls an unrealistic expectation of perfection. They have to be beautiful, and if they are, life will be easy and perfect.

The shows are just completely without moral or purpose whatsoever. (Except gravity falls)

Disney’s older films are racist and sexist

While yes, recently Disney has made advancements in both categories with films like the Princess and The Frog and Frozen but the older films do have offensive messages. For example the work scene in Dumbo all of the workers are African Americans. While some may argue that during the time it was made that was how society was it is not okay to still be showing our children these movies today. Not to mention the unachievable body shape of every Disney princess and their relation to men. When you evaluate all these things one should come to the conclusion that showing young children these kinds of images is harmful.

Yes, Disney does tend to apply stereotypical ideas of gender roles int their movies,

But its an entire different statement when asking if Disney is bad for children. I say Disney is not bad for children because they use ideas of gender roles but somewhat breaks them to teach a moral lesson to children. Although princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, and Aurora live in somewhat harsh conditions thus waiting for their prince to come along more recent movies have rebellious princesses that goes against these. Movies with recent princesses shows life lessons for kids to use on in life in a fun way. And lets not forget its a FAIRY TALE.

It gives misleading messages.

In the Little Mermaid we are told to change for your man. In other fairytales we are told that beautiful people are virtuous and will be rewarded but ugly people are evil. (like Cinderella) Also,in fairytales we are told that good girls are passive and don’t have to lift a finger to improve their life, but if you are a bad girl you are assertive. Surely it’s better to be a good, assertive girl?

Why would it be?

Is telling your son to treat every girl like a princess a bad thing, is teaching your daughter that she deserves a man who will fight for her and that she can be anything she wants to be, wrong? Why? Why not teach children that it’s not the outside that counts, but the inside.

It’s okay girls, a prince will save you – if you’re pretty enough!

The Disney films I watched growing up consisted of:
-Beautiful princess gets fooled/trapped/kidnapped by evil witch (you can tell she’s evil because she’s ugly and old.)
-Handsome prince saves day.
-They get married and live forever in their perfect world where no one is black, disabled or gay (unless they’re evil of course.)


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