Missouri Kidnapping to teach son a lesson:

A Missouri family goes to jail for staging kidnapping to teach son a lesson. The news of the incident surfaced when the son went to school and told administrators. The charges filed against the family felony kidnapping and child abuse and are being held without bail. At the moment the boy is staying with another relative.

Family member  allegedly lured the child to his truck.. He went on to tell  the boy he’d never see his mom again and would be “nailed to the wall of a shed” . They also  binded the boy’s hands and feet with plastic bags and covered his face with a jacket. The boy was then taken to the basement of his home, where “his aunt allegedly removed the child’s pants and told him he could be sold into ‘sex slavery,'”  The sheriffs office says. In the end the boy was taken upstairs,  his family lectured him about talking to strangers. Lesson learned ??? Trauma for life???

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