What’s too Young?

There is always a lot of back and forth about what our children should do and at what ages should they start doing them. One of the most controversial activities is swimming. According to the CDC 14, 000 Americans under the age of 19 died last year in swimming incidents.  This poses the question, exactly what age is too young to start certain activities like swimming?

According to several professionals, such as swim instructors, doctors, and children experts, the younger we expose our children to water the better. While most experts say that toddlers will not grasp the full concept of swimming until the age of 6 or 7 so many kids are afraid of the water and getting them started at a young age will do wonders for confidence. The matter of safety then comes into play.

Just because children have been exposed to water and they have been taking swimming lessons some parents make the mistake of being over confident in their children’s new water experiences. The same safety tactics should still be put into practice once your child has started their lessons. This will further prevent any water accidents from taking place. So the answer to the question is exposing your child too the water at an early age can only be beneficial.

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