Christmas Pictures!!!

Every year during this time millions of moms get their young ones ready for the tradition of taking pics with Santa.  We all want our photos to be absolutely perfect and that starts with the perfect outfit! Here is a few idea’s of some classic pieces that never go out of style.

  1. White shirt (turtle neck, long sleeve, sweater) and jeans. This timeless ensemble never goes out of style and is perfect for every age. Throw on a the classic red and white Santa hat and outfit complete.
  2. The elf outfit, this one is especially cute for toddlers, older children probably won’t feel comfortable in this one but this is perfect for your tiny tot.
  3. Last but not least for our young ladies, the Mrs. Kringle set. This is always super cute on little girls.


Below are a few pics of some more ideas to get your little one’s Christmas Pic ready!!!





Let’s help to stop germs in their track. With school in session and the weather continuing to be just as out of control as it wants to be one thing is clear, it’s only going to get crazier from here. Here is a list of foods to assist with avoiding, stopping, and helping medicate the little ones during this cold/flu season.

  1. Citrus fruits, this is an oldie but goodie, oranges and even grape fruits are great with helping to prevent/sooth colds due to all the vitamins it’s packed with.
  2. Yogurt, the good bacteria and essential microorganisms found in yogurt are very beneficial in preventing stomach ailments.
  3. Milk, yes there has been a lot of controversy circling this old favorite but the truth is it’s great during the winter months for kids because of all the vitamin D that it is packed with.
  4. Mushrooms, filled with immune boosting antioxidants, just add a little to dinner, throw a few in with whatever is on the menu for protein the kids will never know the difference.
  5. Skinless Turkey, turkey with the skin removed is a very high source of protein and protein builds antibodies to protect our immune systems.
  6. Blueberries, a super food filled with antioxidants, blueberries are a great snack that helps stop a cold in it’s tracks.
  7. Dark Chocolate, consists of polyphenols and zinc which are antioxidants so break off a few pieces of Hershey’s dark chocolate for desert.

Third Time Mommy.

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Gift Time!!!

Nothing helps to boost confidence like compliments. When children, especially small ones, are given a few words of praise after completing a difficult task this totally helps with the idea of “I can do anything” which of course makes for an amazing adult person. Keeping with the holiday spirit; an activity your small one can help with is wrapping presents and that would be the present that is from your tot. Here’s a list of ways they can help:
• Tape * This is the easiest step you point and have him/her put the tape in place
• Scissors * this might be one of the more difficult tasks but break out their toddler safe scissors and guide their little hands
• Fold * This is another difficult one but with your hands over theirs and perhaps marking the inside of the wrapping paper with a thin line (pencil of course) it can be achieved
• Picking the Paper * This is very important and it’s the beginning of the process, let your child have input on the paper you purchase, after all the gift is from them