Christmas Pictures!!!

Every year during this time millions of moms get their young ones ready for the tradition of taking pics with Santa.  We all want our photos to be absolutely perfect and that starts with the perfect outfit! Here is a few idea’s of some classic pieces that never go out of style.

  1. White shirt (turtle neck, long sleeve, sweater) and jeans. This timeless ensemble never goes out of style and is perfect for every age. Throw on a the classic red and white Santa hat and outfit complete.
  2. The elf outfit, this one is especially cute for toddlers, older children probably won’t feel comfortable in this one but this is perfect for your tiny tot.
  3. Last but not least for our young ladies, the Mrs. Kringle set. This is always super cute on little girls.


Below are a few pics of some more ideas to get your little one’s Christmas Pic ready!!!




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