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This Christmas be sure to have activities for the kids. These color me cookies found on FABKIDS.COM are an amazing fun and yummy thing to have around this holiday season.

New Baby Alert!!!

And we have another one!!! Singer, Ashlee Simpson and husband, Actor/Musician, Evan Ross are expecting their first child together. The couple have been married since August, This is the second child for Simpson and the first for Ross.

New Mommy Alert!!!

Actress, Keira Knightley is pregnant. This is the first child for the Actress along with her husband, musician, James Righton. The couple wed in May of 2013 and they are now growing their beautiful family.

Keira Knightley and James Righton



Breastfeeding=Working Out.

Mila Kunis is another mommy swearing by breastfeeding.  The Actress recently stated on The Late, Late Show that breastfeeding has been her work out. Check out the video at under the BABIES tab.

Mila Kunis Breastfeeding

Food Allergies

There is a great video on food allergies and keeping medicine in schools on This video is great to check out even if your child does not have food allergies it’s a great message to pass along. The video can be found at under the health tab.

Two Times is Just as Tough.

Alyssa Milano March of Dimes

Alyssa Milano was recently interviewed at and gave a little insight on what it’s like being a mother of two even when you have help. Check out the interview at under the babies section.


Mommy District Tip*

Did you know that teaching children to sing the happy birthday song while washing their hands gives them the perfect amount of time to kill those germs? Research shows that in the amount of time it takes to sing the happy birthday song twice beginning to end and the right amount of lather is the perfect combination to kill germs especially while in school after they use the rest room.

New Baby Alert!!!

Tyler Perry Girlfriend Welcomes Son

Actor, Director, Writer and now daddy, Tyler Perry, welcomed his new baby boy, Aman Tyler Perry, on Sunday November 30th. This is the first child for Perry and long time model and activist girlfriend, Gelila Bekele.