Why won’t my baby take my breast?

If you have made the choice to breastfeed even before baby arrives things can get very sticky when baby does not take your breast. There are several reasons for this and if you are having any of these issues please seek out other alternatives.
1. Positioning.

When breastfeeding it is very important to make sure you and baby are comfortable. There are several positions to put yourself in as well as baby in, here is list; try them and see what works best for you:
• Reclining Position
• The Clutch Hold
• The Cross-Over Hold
• The Cradle Hold

2. What’s in your diet?

Remember whatever it is that you are taking in; you are giving to the baby. Make sure you are keeping with a well balanced diet. There are some fish or even vegetables that you should stir clear of like broccoli. Broccoli tends to make us as adults very gassy and it does the same to babies taking less mercy on their sensitive stomachs.

3. Check your surroundings.

Baby will not be comfortable if you are not comfortable. You’re being anxious or frustrated may put a stop to baby wanting to eat because they sense your aggravation.

4. Pump only.

Some tots can’t get the hang of the human nipple and are only comfortable receiving from the bottle. That’s okay you’re still nursing your baby, it’s just the pump is the route to go for when it’s time to feed.

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