Let’s Talk Bottoms!!!

Which are best disposable diapers or cloth diapers? The truth is cloth diapers are actually making a cute comeback. I know when you think of cloth diapers you think “old school” and “no one does that anymore” and maybe even “yuck that’s not sanitary.” Well today some moms are taking notice to how cost efficient using cloth diapers can be. A lot has changed with how the diapers are maintained today. Here are few facts about cloth diapers that may change your mind or at least have you considering using cloth diapers those days you’re relaxing at home.

1. No more soaking pooped filled linen or cotton. Now cloth diapers are made so that when they are filled with fecal matter you can simply empty the waste into the toilet and toss the diaper in a lined waste basket until laundry day. Different companies have their own washing procedures but the primary directions are the same, which is dump waste, wash, and reuse.

2. Gentler on skin. Cloth diapers are made of cotton which is gentler on skin because baby’s sensitive skin is able to breathe while being wrapped up all day.

3. You will spend way less in purchasing cloth diapers. In one year you can spend up to $265 a year with cloth diapers oppose to $530 a year in disposables. You spend less because you are laundering the cloth diapers instead of constantly replacing disposable.

4. You help with our world’s toxic dump problem. We all need to do our part and you and your little one will be doing just that when using cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are transferred to a biodegradable plant that holds fecal matter for up to 500 years. Now that’s something to yuck about.

Whichever you decide remember to treat the earth right it does say on every diaper box, disposable and cloth to dump all waste matter into a toilet before you dispose of the actual diaper. Mommy District is not biased to either choice; this post is just to expose moms to another choice of taking care of you and baby.

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