Philips Sonicare for Kids

It’s very challenging to get kids to brush. Moms have to find a way to make it fun. With the right toys and stickers and a little music, brushing becomes an exciting part of the day.  Kids hate  things like washing hands, taking a bath, and brushing teeth. I like to think charts and stickers for potty training and a little music with a cool toothbrush for brushing. We have to go for FUN image can actually be exciting and bring a smile . Kids love feeling like grown ups  and parents can feel cool about letting buddies  brush on their own . I found the Philips Sonic care for kids this is the perfect brush. 



  • Sonicare’s Patent Technology – Gently delivers 500 brush strokes per second to remove up to 75% more plaque (vs. manual toothbrushes in hard to reach areas)
  • KidTimer – Gradually increases to 2 minutes to train your child to brush to the dentist recommended time
  • KidPacer – Fun sounds encourage kids to brush the front and back part of their upper and lower teeth
  • 2 Power Modes – High and low modes for gentle, yet effective cleaning
  • Stabilized Hand Piece – Helps applying toothpaste while the toothbrush lies flat on the counter
  • 8 Fun Interchangeable Stickers – Boys and girls can customize their toothbrush to fit their unique personalities
  • Ultra-Soft Brush Heads – Designed to gently clean and protect teeth as they grow
  • Easy Grip Handle – Ergonomically designed to enable parents and kids to brush together or on their own



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