Halloween Safety Tips


Let’s keep Halloween safe and fun! So many incidents happen every year on this day. As moms we need to go the extra mile to do our part to keep our children as safe as possible. If we follow these simple tips we can help with keeping all children safe while having fun on special days like Halloween.

1. Go trick or treating in groups. Get together with other moms, adults, or mature teens who want to help supervise. Have a ratio of around 4 kids to 1 chaperon; using the buddy system is great for days like this.
2. When trick or treating at night bring a flash light. A lot of our smart phones now have flash lights on them, use them! Or you can just bring a small one from home; this also makes it fun for the kids.
3. Plan out your route. If you know exactly where you’re going ahead of time this causes less confusion among the group and gets everyone home at a good hour as well.
4. Only visit homes with porch lights. Groups are great but lights prevent anyone from being left behind because everyone is seen under the light.
5. Be sure to check ALL candy before it is consumed. This is the most important tip! Trick or treating is fun but we need keep it safe after all the trick or treating is said and done!

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